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I'm healthy, I always smile!

Aim: To develop children singing and presentation skills.

Goal: Children learn a song about health and sing it every day.


Our recipes are full of vitamins but they follow our traditional way of cooking.Parents and children helped by nutritionist and our cook worked together to make delicious fruit and vegetables. We worked in four groups. Each group prepared one recipe.

1. Fruit Salad

     - 1 kg taugerine
     - 1 kg grapes
     - 5 kiwi
     - 4 bananas
     - 2 oranges
     - 820gr canned pineapple

Slice the ingredients except grapes and mix them!

2. Vegetable salad

     - 1 salad
     - 4 carrots
     - 1/2 gr olive
     - 2 lemons
     - 4 boiled eggs
     - 400gr suret corn
     - salt
     - balsanic vinegar
Slice them,mix them!!

3. Joghurt souce

      - 1kg natural Romanian joghurt
      - 3 clove of garlic
      - salt
      - basil and parsley
Mix it with the vegetable salad!

4. Apples in the oven

      - 1/2 grinded nuts
      - 1kg apple
      - 400gr plum jam
Cut the middle of the apple,put a spoonful of jam.Put the apples in the oven for 30 minutes!

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