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Healthy breakfast on the grass!!!

The Peace Races –  a variation of the game very popular in 1980s. The players prepared caps with flags of the countries taking part in the real Peace Race on them. The special route was drown on the ground and the players flicked their caps on them
Races – the players draw  a route with many handicaps on it on the ground and try to cover it as fast as possible by flicking the bottle caps. If the cap is outside the route, the player starts from the beginning. That was the reason why the caps were loaded. The loaded caps were easier  to lead. 

Physical Education lesson plan in our three groups.
We will do the same schedule with all the games you are sending us.

Aim: Improve children attention and promote their physical activity.

Goal: Children using game elements will learn why rules are needed and they will advance their physical skills. 

Your House is on Fire!

How to play:

Players make a circle holding hands. One player is outside the circle. He passes the players and chooses one by touching him on the shoulder and shouting (Namiņš deg!)

The person whose house is on fire leaves his place empty and runs in the opposite direction than the ‘outsider’ and tries to reach the empty space first.

Whoever of the two is first to reach the empty space, has the right to occupy the place. The other one becomes 'outsider' and continues the game.

If there are many players there can be two ‘outsiders’ at the same time doing the round in opposite directions.


Number of participants: from 5 to 25.
Materials: something to cover the eyes
Rules: a child in the middle with the eyes covered. The others make him or her turn around while singing the song:

“Blind hen (3)
What did you lose?

Turn around, turn around,
And tell very loud,
The kid you find out”

The “blind hen” should catch another pupil, touch his hair, face…etc, and try to guess who he/she is. This one would turn into the new blind hen.

Range of children`s activities;                                                               
- accounting to 4
- differentiation of fruits and vegetables

Number of participants:  5-25
Materials:  none
Rules:  a student (the English chick) is placed facing the wall and the rest in the other end of the classroom, gym or at 10 meters distance approximately. When the student facing the wall says: "One, two, three, English chick" everybody advance (start to walk) and when the ‘English chick’ turn over and the kids have to keep quiet! Like a statue. If somebody is seeing moving, this person will have to go back to the starting point.

The goal is reach the wall without being seen. The first student who touches the wall have to call to the English Chick and everyone must run to the starting point without being tagged by him. If someone is tagged, he will also turn into an English Chick.

Activities designed for children aged 4-6. The contents of the lesson plan relate to development of habits - proper nutrition and needs of the physical activity. Children in a active and practical way acquire skills by using all the senses.
After the classes children can also indicate all products that will serve their health and well-being.

Aim: Improve presentation skills. 

Goal:  Children will learn a song and according to the song they will adjust  movements.


This is game for children (4-6 year old).

You can arrange this game in free space for example garden or in big classroom, gymnasium. Instruction how to organize this play included in video. 

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