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• getting acquainted with the work on the farm, animals, food production
• Participates in activities 

At the three-day holidays children learn about the life of a farmer on a small farm under mountains. There in the traditional format, a lot of things is made with hand tools. Children learn about farm animals, what benefits we have from these animals, how we need to take care of them.
Learn about the work, with the help of the farmer, mowed grass, grabbed and loaded onto trolleys, fed animals.
Pupils also learn which animals live in the forest, how we need to protect the forest and watch out for these animals. All this presented a hunter.
Together with the landlady they knead bread, every child has to develop its roll, which is baked in the bread oven. The bread they take home.

Children and parents enjoy their day by playing traditional games of our partners.

• get acquainted with wider social environment, get to know the life and work of the shepherds
• acquaintance with herbs and their purpose

Children visit the land of Kekec at Kranjska Gora.
According to related content:
- path through the forest,
- get to know the characters from the book about Kekec,
- gathering herbs ,
- what  the shepherds produced from milk,.
- also has the ability to see, to taste.

Children and parents enjoy a healthy breakfast during a picnic in a park near our school.

Students will check up their knowledge's about health with solving crosswords, scrambled words, picture rebus, making curd cake and doing sport activities in snow.

Marika Rozīte

1.Children will be able to identify food using their senses
2.Children become aware of the different senses

Domna Michaelidou


  • To learn about the importance of a healthy body
  • To learn about the physical therapy equipment
  • To learn that there are different exercises for each part of the body
  • To observe the specific exercise for each device

Children create their own placemat by drawing images from the 5 food groups and take it home.

Domna Michaelidou


  • To learn the most famous fall  vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes
  • To learn the most famous fall fruits: apples, pears, grapes, walnuts, plums
  • To distinguish between fruits and vegetables and their importance for a healthy nutrition
  • To observe and learn role of a market

Task improves fine motor skills, hand- eye coordination and develops the orientation in the space- sheet of the paper.

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