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Yoga session

• Promoting creativity in making pizza.
• Child get to know various diet.

• previously, we have made a list of what we need, we can prepare all materials for baking,
• emphasis was on healthy pizza,
• help and encourage us to the cook,
• every child has its own dough formed by hand,
• every child has chosen ingredients,
• at the end we were all happy with our product.

Our children has every two weeks yoga lessons with our PE teacher.

Creative making Christmas tree for animals.
Identification, description of various fruits and vegetables.

On Christmas holidays the children decorated tree for the animals in the forest with fruit and vegetables.

- Child get to know the importance of a healthy diet for his health,
- Meet professional beekeeper and the characteristics of his work
- To raise awareness of children about the importance of breakfast within the eating habits,
- Promote eating local food, because a healthy and correct diet is a precondition for the well-being, health preservation and thereby a healthy lifestyle.

This day, we have prepared a more festive breakfast and prepared the decoration of tables. In the hallway we have prepared for parents promotion corner where they can try out different types of honey.

In kindergarten we visited a beekeeper and presented us beekeeping, bee products usability, and concern for nature conservation. Children have listened with interest to beekeepers, beekeeping wear clothes and learn about beekeeping utilities.

-       child get to know that eating various healthy diet helps to maintain health,
-       children develop good eating habits,
-       promote universal creativity in the preparation, organization and use of various vegetables and cooking utensils.

We have prepared and chopped vegetables and put it in a pot. We have  constantly stirred and checked how our soup was boiling. Children learn that they can from the pumpkin make a very tasty soup.

•learning about the role of nature and a clean environment in relation to the movement in nature.

• with children we went on a long hike to the river Kokrica,
• we have watched nature and experienced with all the senses,
• for lunch we have enjoyed a healthy apple.

• getting acquainted with different seeds to get to know the process of sowing, planting, learn what they need for seeds that sprouted and grow into a plant.
• Monitor growth, care for your plant
Children observe, learn about different seeds, over the image they learn something from these seeds. Learn the process and independent sow / planted seeds in the pot. Daily they observe, monitor growth, watering the soil and then plants.

• promoting creativity in baking cookies,
• child get to know various diet.

• together we have read the recipe for baking cookies,
• children have with the help of cook prepared the food and utilities,
• each child had their part of the task,
• children brought from home different molds,
• rolled dough  and start creating,
• we have created a lot of cookies, which were have offered to the other children in the kindergarten and parents.

• getting acquainted with different healthy food tasted it, shared with friends,
• recognizes and named ingredients of individual dishes
• Respects the rules of movement and social games
• Understanding the importance of cooperation in the playing group and mutual assistance

Common afternoon meeting children and parents. Each family brings food basket, in which the focus is on healthy ingredients.
Parents and children learn about common gathering food, they taste the, comment.
Parents and children together participate in group games.

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