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Goals: The children
1. to realize the importance of personal hygiene
2. to learn daily routines about personal hygiene
3. to understand what kind of  food is healthy for the body

A nurse visited our school and talked to the children about the personal hygiene and the ways of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

• Child recognizes the images ingredients necessary for making pie
• Actively participate in the preparation pie
• Participates in discussions about healthy food
• taste, commenting on the prepared dish

At the same time we know the story Bunny and lots of carrots, we came across a recipe for vegetable pie. It was a starting point for further activities.
Children involved in weighing the ingredients, mix together the individual components, cutting vegetables.
Taste the baked pie, comment her taste

Goals: The children and parents
1. to enjoy a healthy breakfast
2. to realize the importance of a healthy breakfast
3. to adopt the idea of having a healthy breakfast daily.

We visited a park near our school and children with their parents enjoyed a healthy breakfast and played  traditional games of Cyprus and partners'  countries.

• The child getting to know that people in the old days lived differently
• recognizes that certain things from the old days maintained in this period
• Recognising named ingredients, getting to know the process of preparing

Children jointly examine the ingredients, taste the raw sour turnips and assist in the preparation of dishes. Monitor cooking when the dish is cooked, it tasted, comment the taste.

- Child getting to know of the work of the profession midwife in a maternity hospital

We were visited by Nejas mom and she presented the work of midwives in the hospital. Children were washing   measuring, clothing, puting to rest ...the babies The boys were in all these tasks very enthusiastic and active

• A child getting to know  honey as the health for our body
• getting acquainted and learn how the honey is produced
• recognizes that the honey  can also be combined with other foods

• The child is acquainted with the activity of dried fruit.
• They put fruit  into a small jar and fill it up with honey.
• Honey pots children take home.

- Child getting to know the profession of pastry chef

They visited us Maks parents who introduces us to the profession of chef-pastry chef. In fact, together we baked muffins and chocolate poured into molds. Children are eager to help and at the end with dessert prepared pastries. Each also received their culinary hat and chocolate souvenirs.

• Child recognizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle, eating
• getting acquainted with the work of nurses
• Be actively involved in creative play the doctor

Child takes part in a conversation with a nurse, tells what he knows already about health care. Participate in the game a doctor. Shared roles, nursing friend, bears.

• Child getting to know, names ingredients
• actively participate in the preparation of the beverage
• taste, commenting on what he find drink

Children pressed lemons to get as much juice. Add honey and water, drink mix, try and with the addition of lemon juice and honey given that the right combination.
Drink is available to all children throughout the day.

Every day our kids bring for lunch at school a different kind of food, in order to let them realize to see the important of eating different groups of food.

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