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Healthy Food through storytelling.

School trip to a yoga center.

Excursion to the countryside to practice the games proposed for all the countries of the European Program.

We visited an orange garden and get informed about oranges by  the farmer.

Children and their parents participate in a master chef competition and have fun while cooking healthily.

Objective of the activities was the formation of pro-health attitudes in children.
Children after classes know health benefits of friuts.

Children play with food toys and learn about food pyramid and the importance of the healthy plate

Content goal: The children will be able to:
collect data and represent it in an orderly manner
Interpret  the data
read a simple chart

Language goal: The children will be able to:
use the phrase “I like…”
count from 0 - 10

5 fruit cards pass from hand to hand and when the music stops the children holding a card say whether they like or not the fruit in their card using the phrase "i like..../ I don't like.....". Afterwards the children draw their favourite fruit and put it in a chart.

Goals: Children to:
1.      enjoy a theatre play
2.     realize the importance of eating fruit every day
3.      understand that fruit provide us with vitamins

The children enjoyed a theatre play “The orange house”, and learned about the importance of eating oranges and fruit and how beneficial is for the body.

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