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Funny way to repeat materials during last year of learning.

Activities designed for children aged 6-7. 


  • To be able to recognize healthy, unhealthy food
  • To learn new vocabulary 
  • To get to know the Food pyramid

This activity is created to develop visual-motor coordination and building the knowledge about national flags of partnerships countries and their mascots.

Activities designed for children aged 5-8. 
To separate healthy food from unhealthy.
Children learn to speak in front of class.
Repeat using of Have got.

Aim: In English lessons get information about project partner countries. 

Goal: Learn to tell about each partner country in English.



Aim: Learn to sing a Latvian song in English. 

Goal: Find out new words in a foreign language and learn to use them. 

In Latvian:

Kas dārzā, 
kas dārzā? 
Bitīt' rožu dārziņā. 2x

Ložņā, bitīt, 
caur zaru zariem, 
Caur zaru zariem, 
caur lapu lapām. 

Ja citu atrod, 
liec to savā vietā. 
Ja citu atrod, 
liec to savā vietā. 

In English:

Who's in the garden? 
Who's in the garden? 
A bee is in the rose garden. 2x

Oh bee, weave your way 
through the branches 
Through the branches, 
between the leaves. 

If you find another one, 
put her in your place. 
If you find another one, 
put her in your place. 

How to play:

The children walk in a circle holding hands; one child stands alone in the middle. The  children in the circle sing the first verse(2 times). 
With the second verse, the children stand still and raise their joined arms in the air. The middle child starts to walk in a sort of weaving pattern between the other children, under their raised arms. 

With the last verse, the child stops and choose new child and put into the middle of the circle.

The song begins again.


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