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Content goals: The children will:
1.Match flag colours with fruit and vegetables
2.Develop basic food processing skills

Language goals: Τhe children will:
1.Follow the teacher’s instruction fruit and vegetables they know
3.revise colours previously learnt

Each child holds a flag and raise it when he/she hears the colours on his/her flag. Afterwards the children match flag colours with fruit and vegetables.

Aims of lesson: integrated latvian - english lesson about vegetables and fruits.
Goals: kids will learn abut vegetables and fruits in native language and make a poster about vitamins in fruits and vegetables.

After that they will learn the names of vegetables and fruits in english and find them on the worksheet.
Marika Rozīte

Content goal:
Children will be able to categorize food in groups

 Language goals: Children will be able to:
1.identify food by name
2. use two new food group names (grains, proteins)
3. use the food group names they already know (fruit, vegetables, dairy)
4.use the phrase “I want…”
5.use known food vocabulary

There is a food path and a child uses the phase "I want to buy....dairy/fruit/vegetables/grains/proteins". The child holds a basket and goes through the bath and put in the basket only items that belong to the food group he/she had chosen at the beginning. Afterwards the child names the items in  the basket.

Aims: to clear up free time activities in the Sport school Cēsis
Goals: children will find out (on the internet) what kind of sport are in Sport school Cēsis and learn to tell about it.

They will make a poster about it to introduce another children.

Content goals: The children will be able to:
1.Balance on different body parts
2.Make shapes with their body
3.Cooperate to make body shapes
4.Make shapes at different levels

Language goals: The children will be able to:
1.follow the teacher’s instructions known body parts
3. Identify colours ,fruit, vegetables (banana, orange, carrot)

A child puts a food in the fridge and the rest try to guess which food is in the fridge. They call food in english language.
Domna Michaelidou

Goals: Children will become familiar with a variety of vegetables.

Content goal:

The children will be able to classify fruit and vegetables

Language goal:

The children will be able to:
1.identify fruit or vegetables according to teacher’s instruction at least 4 new fruit and vegetables (grapes, strawberry, tomato, pepper)
3.confidently use fruit and vegetable vocabulary they have previously learnt (e.g. apple, banana, pear, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, eggplant)


1.Fruit and vegetables are on the floor and children are asked to choose either a fruit or a vegetable. teaher calls the fruit/vegetable and children act accordingly (Take a...fruit). As a result children classify fruit and vegetables.
2. The teacher places a fruit or vegetable in the wrong group and childrren are asked to find the mistake. Children name the fruit or vegetable each time.

Domna Michaelidou

Objective:  to learn vegetable vocabulary.
Learn to know vegetables by sight and color.

Goals: kids will learn the vocabulary, they can identify them by taste.

Marika Rozīte

Content goal:

The children will be able to:
1.classify food into healthy and not so healthy
2.realize that certain foods are bad for teeth hygiene
3.create a healthy menu

Language goal:

The children will be able tο:
1.follow the teacher’s instructions
2.Identify healthy / not so healthy food a food as healthy or not so healthy


1.Children classify food pictures to healthy and not so healthy food for teeth hygiene.
2.Children coopearte and create a healthy menu.

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