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Objective :

  • To learn about the existence of different religions in our community
  • To observe a different religious  ritual ( The advent mass)
  • To understand the role of the pin branch and the 4  candles in the Roman-Catholic ritual
  • To observe the difference in decorations and architecture compared to orthodox ( main religion) churches

Kids council, made welcome mascot for hosting study visit in Slovenia.


Making Easter cards for project partners.

Childrens creation cubbyhole.

We sowed the ground with the seeds you have sent.
We are waiting for the results and we hope they`ll come up soon.

Children's creating menu.

Dear partners!! The postcard has been sent to you!

We and all the children from kindergarten wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Aim: Learn to take responsibility.

Goal:  Promoting creativity and assessment skills. Learn to organize events.

On September have chosen Kids’ Council at our preschool (Public Preschool No.152 in Lodz). Representatives from kids and teacher together established and discussed  competence and tasks of  Kids’ Council. 

Those proposition made Regulations which defines the procedure of elections and describing functioning of Kids’ Council.

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