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They are going to practice with the pyramid food, trying to pout food in the correct level l(ictgames-website)

Content goal:

Children will:
-appreciate a story in a different language
-develop a love for books

Language goal:

Children will be able to:
- Follow a story with the help of visuals and gestures
-classify healthy / not so healthy food

Domna Michaelidou

Goals: Children to be able:
1.      to practice English language and healthy food knowledge
2.      to practice counting skills
3.      to make a healthy plate
4.      to realize that different kind of fruit and vegetables grows in different places.

The children play different kind of online games such as memo games, counting games, healthy food games on the IWB.

Content goal:

The children will develop observation skills

Language goal:

The children will:
1.follow teacher’s instruction
2. review fruit and vegetables’  names


Powerpoint game:  Children see a photograph with a small part of a healthy food on its center. They observe the small part and try to guess the hidden food.

Domna Michaelidou

The children to be able to create a healthy menu
Children choose healthy food for one week to make a healthy menu.

Children are learning about Europe, country sizes, population and at the same time using ICT tools.

• Child recognizes that there are other options of generating information
• learn to work with your computer
• names the country recognizes the flag and correctly classified

Children using materials prepared on a computer, consolidating the names of individual countries, their shape, position and the corresponding flag.

During the activities children will play on a whiteboard using the Program "WorkSpace (game "Animals in the zoo").

Objective: to improve memory and attention.
Revise and learn new fruit and vegetables.

Goals: children will improve their abilities to use interactive whiteboard.

Through the games they will repeat and learn new vocabulary.

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