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- Children should name the Easter symbols correctly in English
- offer Easter eggs to the girls and boys

Our children will know all the culture about our partners, customs, flags, music, dances, food.

- Children should identify the vegetables through pictures
- They should solve the exercises correctly

Psychomotricity in English, Healthy Body

The children should learn  the names of fruit and vegetables in English
They should recognize them when there are   more in a basket

We have worked the food groups with our students in English lessons, we have practice it with  lot of games, songs, and our final task was to create our Giant Healthy Plate

Children should learn about domestic animals
They should learn their names
They should choose among the animals who are domestic
They should learn songs about them

Content goal: The children will be able to move at different levels

Language goal: The children will be able tο:
follow the teacher’s instructions
Identify healthy / not so healthy food

The children are sitting on the floor and the teacher calls healthy/not so healthy food. Children "grow up" only when they hear a healthy food, otherwise they stay still.

1.      to develop the rhythm and fluidity of movement with music
2.      to develop physical education skills

Content goal: The children will: able to sort food pictures by their colour
2.understand that they must eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables in order to be healthy

Language goal: Τhe children will : fruit and vegetables they know
2.revise colours previously learnt

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