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Kids council will create the European maps to leave in all the classrooms and will know where are the rest of the countries, as well as the flags of these countries.

• Child recognizes that everyone, adults and children, belonging to the community and are important.
• Develops perseverance, a sense of esthetics, fine motor skills of fingers

Together with grandmothers learns about ingredients, kneading, form the dough, form cookies, monitors baking in the kitchen.

Through all the Erasmus program our Council will select and do activities to send and to tell to the rest of the classroom about our Erasmus partners

• The child getting to know police work, how to take care of our security and what we have to take care that does not happen an accident (take into account the traffic rules, laws ...)
• Learn about call number 113
• Learn that a police officers to help

Children in kindergarten were visited by  police officers with two vans and one police car. At the same time flew over the kindergathen  the police helicopter and rounded over it.
Children learn about the tools that officers use in their work. Engage in conversation about appropriate and inappropriate behavior both on the road and everywhere else.

- The children colour the flags of the partners
- After they coloured the flags we decorate our kindergarten with them
- They are happy because their work decorate each group

• Child getting to know the work of firefighters how to take care of our security and what can we do to live in a safe environment
• Learn about call number 112
• They learn what to do if fire breaks out in the kindergarten

Children while visiting firemen engage in conversation with them, learn lifesaving equipment, learn how in case of an accident they can help. Actively participate in the fire drill.


  • To learn the Romanian traditions concerning the Christmas holiday
  • To learn Christmas songs and sing them to the Santa Claus
  • To learn to express their wishes in front of Santa Claus
  • To enjoy the winter holidays

• participates in joint decision
• develop working skills and habits using technical aids, tools and machines,
• stimulating curiosity and the joy of technical activities,
• children involved with the janitor

• together with the janitor to decide how we will begin making homes and what we need,
• children are the janitor helped in driving in nails and holding the timber,
• we have watched him during cutting and sanding wood,
• children themselves are added to the fence.

- Children are aware of the rules and  they understand the reasons for it, and the consequences of the violation

- Children bring their different toys from home (even those who are not recomended for kindergarten), because it came to conflicts we agreed these.
- We introduce the problem to a child and provokes the question: how do we solve the problem and we will all be satisfied?
- We searched for a solution and end up with a majority of make the following rules
- For every day we write and draw a series of toys
- so everyone can come to the series with their choice
- Other toys that day are not permitted and are stored

The child has the option of critical evaluation.

Children have been given a choice of what to eat for lunch on Friday. Because we could not agree, we gathered ideas and wishes. In the end, by 12 votes won the a pizza. Children proposals: pizza, macaroni, fries, spaghetti and cheese, spinach and mashed potatoes and carrot soup

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